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is the worst thing to be.

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A massive gust of air blew from the alley on my left and was so cold it was almost painful to breathe. I remember feeling the chill on my eyes and it caused me to squeeze them shut and for a moment. My body felt numb from the icy blast, but I was quickly warmed by Alice and it made me think of all the times the cold air has blown across me like painful needles and I was left freezing, with only me to warm myself. I looked over at Alice and saw her lean her head on my shoulder. Feeling her rest her head upon me made my face hot and my throat tighten, almost like I was ready to cry. I was overflowing with emotions at this point. This was the first time I’ve had someone warm me from the cold and the novelty of it made me realize such more. Alice felt comfortable with me, something no human has ever expressed to me despite my empathy and kindness to everyone I’ve met. I had given so much in hopes that it would pay off, and since nothing special has happened to me lately, I would say it built up and became the reward of my missing piece to happiness. 

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